Discover Trier, the Moselle River and more
City tours and excursions through the Great Region with Susanne Romoth

Hello, welcome to my website! Join in to explore the riches of culture and nature in a most interesting European region situated among the mountain ranges of Eifel, Hunsrück and Ardennes across the 4 countries of Germany, Luxemburg, France and Belgium.

Follow me on a journey through time and space. will walk on the vestiges of Celts and Romans, of earls and damsels, robber barons and friars, on straight and on crooked paths, between vineyards, to castle ruins and excavations. Let us climb up to mountain peaks with a view or down into louring dungeons - or do you prefer a wine cellar with a sparkling wine tasting?

I am dedicated to make you enjoy the experience of this rich and complex heritage. Being your host, I know how to elate you.

The range of sights and activities comprises not only the UNESCO World heritage sites of Trier and Luxemburg and other Roman excavations, but also includes contemporary architecture as well as hikes in the vineyards to spectacular viewpoints.

I won´t forget to cater for your well-being and we will help you in choosing food and beverages to your liking.

Let me know your expectations in order to work out a customised programme for you. Please study the suggestions of this site. They can be taken as single short trips, but they are also suited to serve as modules which can be combined to form longer itineraries. The range of programmes comprises.

  • guided city tours on foot, by bike or motorized
  • single sites (i.e. buildings, excavations)
  • special interest tours (toga re-enactment e.t.c. )
  • half day and full day tours
  • extended programmes
  • Of course, the itineraries will be made to suit your interest, your time at disposal, group size and age (for instance children), your personal preferences.